Edinburgh Art Festival Posters 3

This year’s Edinburgh Art Festival has been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. To mark the dates of what would have been the 2020 festival (30 July – 30 August) 10 artists from previous festival editions have been invited to make responses. Amongst other projects, I have been working with the festival on a series of posters that will appear in locations throughout Edinburgh, making the artists’ original artwork shipshape and ready for printing by the arts agency, Jack Arts. This one is a set of three posters by the artist Ruth Ewan and revisits Sympathetic Magick, a project originally created by Ruth for the 2018 festival (you can see the booklet I designed for Sympathetic Magick here). Ruth’s posters can be found at poster sites across the city, including: Meadowbank; Royal Mile; Murrayfield Stadium; Potterow and Easter Road, until 30 August.


Ruth Ewan, Magic Words (Ian, Margaret, Peggy), 2020, posters for Edinburgh Art Festival, 1524mm x 1016mm





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