Perspectives Issue 3

Perspectives Issue 3: Memorials and Memories 

Published by Haileybury, 2023 

Editor: Toby Parker 

Contributors: Jeanette Wight

Photography: Steve Beeston 

Designed by James Brook 

210mm x 245mm | 48 pages | Printed on 150 gsm Edixion Offset with 300 gsm machine-sealed soft cover by Gomer, Wales 

This is the third issue of Perspectives, a magazine that I designed, published by Haileybury School. The publication was developed from a desire to showcase the school’s heritage, current academic and cultural issues and new research about the school’s collections. Edited by Toby Parker, Director of Learning and Research at Haileybury, the magazine has been established in order to examine its role in a variety of cultural practices and issues, and to think critically about the way in which it interacts with other cultural institutions locally, nationally and globally. 

Perspectives is published quarterly with issues in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each issue is themed, with this one titled ‘Memorials and Memories’. This issue is the biggest issue to date with 48 pages and includes an extended essay, in three parts, that examines the legacy of the architect Herbert Baker. It was interesting to use the design and layout of the magazine – established in the previous two issues – and push it in a different direction. The client and myself are really pleased with the design of this issue and I think it proves the versatility of the original design.

The design is based around a flexible layout that can accommodate different types of information, giving each section of the magazine its own distinct identity. The basic layout is a three column grid with type arranged on one or two columns giving a variety that helps differentiate each article. Titles, body text and images are often hung from a guideline that runs through the magazine giving a sense of order which is occasionally broken to create emphasis or visual energy. I have used type at different sizes, weights and combinations to create interesting titles and headers, arranged in sometimes playful ways with the text and images. 




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