Typographic Hierarchy 7

Four further experiments based on feedback from Paul: in the top version I have narrowed the margin - at A2 this will be 10mm whereas previously it was 20mm at A2. I personally think this is too narrow - the relationship between figure and ground shifts and the black square starts to dominate.

My original intention was to print the posters at A1 (they are designed at A3 with the margin at 10mm ) so at A1 that will make the margin 40mm which will definitely be too wide - I need to find a balance. I may need to do a test!

I agree that the en dash is unnecessary so I've removed it - I have kept the italic for the title of the book. Maybe that should go too?!

In the first three versions I have kept the type ranged left but I have moved it closer to the left-hand edge. I have also moved the 'title' closer to the text which I agree is much stronger and less 'floaty'. The third version revisits the larger size body text of previous versions but with ranged left type.

The fourth version is a distillation of some of my earlier versions. I think I prefer this version as the left align becomes a stronger design element that gives less emphasis on the ragged right.




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