Kwang Young Chun Poster

Kwang young Chun: Aggregations

Designed by James Brook for Dovecot Gallery, 2015

Poster | 850 x 620 mm

One of a pair of posters designed for Dovecot's 2015 Festival exhibition, which featured work by Korean artist Kwang Young Chun alongside the work of Serbian textile designer and painter, Bernat Klein. These two posters are the first that I designed for Dovecot to be typeset in Whitney, the Dovecot typeface – Whitney is used on the various Dovecot logos. The poster follows the template that I established with my design for the Magne Furuholmen poster. It has an image in a panel running full width across the centre; all the textual information, logos etc, are contained in a panel at the bottom; the Dovecot Gallery logo is given emphasis by being placed on its own in a panel at the top; all other logos are arranged vertically on the right-hand side. I designed different type treatments for the titles of each exhibition; something I would develop further with subsequent exhibitions.




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