Dovecot Festival Banners

These are the two banners that I designed for Dovecot Gallery's 2015 Edinburgh Art Festival exhibitions: A Life in Colour, a celebration of the life and work of Scottish Borders based textile designer Bernat Klein; and Aggregations by Korean artist Kwang Young Chun. The exhibition ran from 31 August until 26 September; as you can see from the photographs, Edinburgh did not have a very sunny summer! There were two sets of banners, one outside Dovecot on Infirmary Street and another larger set with slightly different proportions on Chambers Street, near the National Museum of Scotland. Each exhibition title had its own typographic treatment while still fitting in with the general Dovecot identity that I have been developing. The typographic treatment on the banners was continued on posters, cards and invitations, which I also designed. More images to follow.




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