The Weaver's Apprentice Invitation

This is the invitation that I have designed for Dovecot's exhibition The Weaver's Apprentice. The card is A5, 148 x 210 mm, printed on Vision Superior, by Allander in Edinburgh. The image on the front of the card is a detail of weavers' initials from a tapestry created at Dovecot in 1924, Lord of the Hunt, by William Skeoch Cumming. This image is also used on the poster and banner that I have designed. The image of the tapestry has translated well in to print – tapestries often do, it's something about the relationship between stitches and pixels, I think – and, of course, it's a great photograph, taken by Antonia Reeve. The texture of the paper has given the image a tactile quality with the ink saturating the uncoated paper – I think it will look very handsome on the mantelpiece!

As well as an invitation card, I have also designed a four page A5 leaflet for the events programme that accompanies the exhibition. The image on this is of some of the original Dovecot apprentices from the Dovecot archives.




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