Typographic Hierarchy Workshop Poster

Below is the development of the worked-up versions of the paste-up poster I produced in the typographic hierarchy workshop. I decreased the spacing between the numbers and moved the dash – it now relates to the 6 rather than the 2 which is 'wrong' but visually, I think it works better; I like the stepped horizontal line. I also changed the relationship between the 7 and the 2 in the bottom pair.

I tried a couple of alternatives: with the numbers 'bouncing' in a slightly different way and another version with the numbers more static. I think I prefer this final version: it’s simpler but I think it has a much stronger composition and the shapes between the various components are much more satisfying to look at.

The rest of the information is simplified from the workshop version though I hope I have still created a hierarchy between the different types of information. I have tried various alternative ways of presenting this information, aligning with different elements in the design.

The final image in the gallery is the paste-up workshop poster. I reversed the colours on some of the versions above because the blog has a white background. On reflection, I prefer the reversed out of black version - it's stronger and the ambiguity of the figure/ground is more explicit.




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