Typographic Hierarchy Workshop Poster Revised

These are revised versions of the Typographic Hierarchy Workshop poster. General feedback is that the 'bouncing' numerals version reversed out of black is the strongest version. I've included a black on white version for comparison.

I've slightly enlarged the numerals. They now bleed more emphatically. The 6, in particular is bleeding off the page at the left - I was quite cautious about this in the previous versions, particularly in the black on white versions where I felt that this created a 'flare' or 'dazzle' on the right of the page with a too-strong emphasis on the cropped-off curve but, on reflection, I think that in the reversed out versions, this is not so apparent and helps amplify the play on field/ground.

I've refined the type at the top of the poster. I've used Roman (55) instead of Light (45) with Bold (75) for the title to give the type more weight and emphasis. I've broken it up into three clusters to create a hierarchy of the types of information. I've aligned the information in two different ways: one which follows the grid established by the numerals and one which aligns against the dominant 'bouncing' 2. I was trying not to break the names in the list of artists but, I could not find a solution for this unless the names are arranged non-alphabetically.




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