Elective A Visual Storytelling 2

My starting point is the absence of Dracula in the original text - he exists mainly as an idea and there are few descriptions of him; he becomes a monster created by our own minds.

There are 34 references to 'Dracula' in the entire book (and 104 references to 'blood'). I collected together all the sentences that contained the word 'Dracula' to make a kind of parastic book based on the original novel.

There are two versions that I have been working on. In the first I systematically increased the stroke weight of the word 'Dracula'. I experimented with different faces but Times was the most effective. After 34 iterations the word 'Dracula' became unreadable - a spiky monster, that could almost be a bat, appeared.

In the second version I systematically blurred the word 'Dracula' over 34 iterations until the word disappeared. The more we  read about Dracula, the more elusive he becomes: "All that is solid melts into air".

There is another version which uses a similar technique with the 104 references to blood. The narrative becomes a condensed version of the full story, I've called it 'Filthy Leech' because of its bloodsucking relationship to the original text.

I've also made an animation but it looks a bit rough. It could probably benefit from some music too:




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