Furuholmen Invitation

Magne Furuholmen: Peeling a Glass Onion

Designed by James Brook for Dovecot Gallery, 2015

Invitation | 148 x 210 mm | Printed by Allander, Edinburgh, on Vision Superior with spot varnish

This invitation, with full bleed colour image on front and text on the reverse, formed the basis for the template that I would later use for subsequent invitations that I designed for Dovecot. All the textual information is contained in a block at the bottom left; logos are arranged in a vertical strip on the top right; the Dovecot Gallery logo is given emphasis by being placed on its own on the top left. This invitation is typeset in Calibri, used by Dovecot as an approximation of Whitney, the 'offficial' Dovecot typeface. I like the quirky charms of Calibri: but it is a pleasure to work with the range of weights and styles available in Whitney.




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