Furuholmen Poster

Magne Furuholmen: Peeling a Glass Onion

Designed by James Brook for Dovecot Gallery, 2015

Poster | Two sizes: 850 x 620 mm and six sheet 900 x 600 mm

This poster, with its considered contrasting of white space and separation of text and colour image, formed the basis for the template that I would later use for subsequent posters that I designed for Dovecot. It has an image in a panel running full width across the centre; all the textual information, logos etc, are contained in a panel at the bottom; the Dovecot Gallery logo is given emphasis by being placed on its own in a panel at the top. All text and logos are ranged left. This poster is typeset in Calibri, used by Dovecot as an approximation of Whitney, the 'offficial' Dovecot typeface. In this context, I think Calibri works very well: it's quirky charms are very evident when seen at poster scale.




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