Furuholmen Leaflet: Appendix

Soon after the Peeling a Glass Onion leaflet that I designed for Dovecot Gallery - which I mentioned in my previous post - had gone to print, another work was added to the exhibition: Literary, a suite of 8 monotypes by Magne Furuholmen. Dovecot asked me to produce an two-sided appendix that could be included with the leaflet. The appendix is based on the layout, grid and typography of the leaflet, cropped slightly smaller to fit inside, and tweaked to work as a standalone. I used a larger image on the front to show the detail of the work with eight thumbnails on the reverse showing the complete suite. I allowed myself some fun with the layout: the 'missing' print echoes the letter 'E' that appears in several of Magne's monotypes. Just after the appendix had been sent to print yet more works were added to the exhibition...




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